“Half a century of needle and thread. A passion that runs in the family”

Rimini, 1969: Piero Moretti turned his tailor’s shop into a ready-to-wear fashion house, so as to meet the needs of the international high-end tourists visiting the Adriatic Riviera. Today, Moretti Moda is thriving under the leadership of the second generation of the Moretti family – as a matter of fact, it has become a well-established womenswear fashion company that is steadily growing, with export intensity greater than 60%.
An exclusive sales network, a business strategy focusing on providing prompt service and building customer loyalty, renowned showrooms, and the participation in international fairs have helped the brand develop and succeed over time.
Our main focus is our product, which is 100% made in Italy. Constant research and sartorial cut are the hallmarks of our brand, which aims to give women clothes with character.